Our Association is a group of culture creators, artists, animators, sociologists whose aim is to revive neglected places in the capital through the actions of its inhabitants. In our activities, we want to spread the ideas of conscious, engaged, sustainable design and reaching out to these groups in which these ideas have not yet been known.

Another very important pillar of our business is cultural education, always understood in the context of social needs and a very broad sense of cultural heritage. In education we focus on a direct contact with recipient, user space, whom we ask about dreams and needs of the space in which he/she lives. In working with children and young adolescents we focus on new media. Workshop topics are always about the problem of aesthetics, visuality and public space.
Edyta Ołdak - Chairwoman and founder of the Association. A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She acquaints city residents through the implementation of the projects, tracks "partisan" intervention in the urban surroundings. She is an enthusiast of temporary architecture and "transience" as such. An author of many publications, a scholar of the Ministry of Culture.
Paweł Heppner – a specialist in modern media, a scholar of Polish Film Institute, cinematographer and music composer of independent film. He is also a webdeveloper - web designer and an author of training courses.
Pani Jurek - Vice-President of the Association. She graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is currently engaged in inventing and creating objects, which are not always connected with craft. Especially she is interested in light, and the relations that formed between objects and their users. Like her ambiguous, nonstatic objects, that go beyond their stereotyped functions, which can be the "thing" to do.
Artur Gosk - the designer, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Technology in Szczecin.
Engaged in designing architecture and object. His projects are participatory and accompanied by workshops with users and residents. The most important activity for Artur Gosk are projects connected with leisure and sports.
The artist cooperates with association „Based in Warsaw” on projects such as: „Mursk in color”, „Olender traditions and contaporary space organization”, „Urban safari”. He is one of the designers in „Release project”.
Monika Osinkowska -konsultant in the area of brand management, promotion and new product development (NPD). Graduated from the Faculty of History of Art at the Warsaw University, postgraduate of Public Relations (UW) and the Strategic Design Management at the Institute of Industrial Design. She's worked in branding and public relations agencies for 10 years , honing her skills in communications and brand strategy. Currently, she works as Design Manager for Pani Jurek.
Paulina Pankiewicz – an author of drawings, graphics, video, shown at the exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She mainly works individually, occasionally also with other artists. She is interested in the issue of movement, space and time. She examines and interacts with them. Paulina runs and rides a bike. Over and over and over. Preferably in an open area.
Patryk Pawlaczyk - cooperation with the Association with ethnological issues. A graduate of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Copernicus University in Toruń. He currently works in the Department of Ethnography Polish and European PME. It deals with issues associated with traditional culture, transcultural aesthetics, leads fieldwork in the Caucasus.