Praga seek and hide

This action was organised in public space for children aged from 8-13 years old, who had to prove that child senses problems of contemporary art. Moreover, child may search for creative actions by itself and is also able to assess phenomena such as an action in public space, environment, happenings and contemporary design.

The workshop took place in the following way: after hearing the story of some buildings in Praga, the children were supposed to revive the dying buildings taking into account their history and destiny in the past. However we did not mean to make a simple restoration of the monuments but finding an idea of showing the objects with an artistic installation.

This former soap factory turned into the factory of soap bubbles; balloons replaced the stone house decorations which were removed for safety reasons and the birdhouses were created in the buildings which were destroyed during the war. The final stage of our project was to implement three selected ideas. These ideas were: The Owl`s House in the old Metal Products Factory at Krowia Street.