STOP! 9 Brzeska Street

"STOP! Brzeska 9" is a graphic design workshop for children aged 8-12 years combined with an unusual form of exposure. The workshop was held in Warsaw in primary afterschool clubs and also after-school work in groups. The workshop participants were asked to interpret a sign that these urban situations have not yet been interpreted.

We wanted to elicit events so that the city took out of a new climate. Thereby, children had a chance to give comments about the risks or opportunities that the city brings. There were created the signs which interpreted urban everyday life: look out! - falling chestnuts, look out! - a dangerous neighborhood, ban swearing ....... and others. While working on the signs children acquainted with the basic concepts of graphic design such as contrast, synthesis and sign. The works went through "graphics processing" and were printed on the banners that hung on the windows covered with boards of the building at 9 Brzeska Street.