Fountain not waterspout

The project "Fountain not waterspout" was our proposal to remind the old fountain located at one of the Bielany yards (the corner of Żeromskiego and Reymont street).

Through the workshop with children, talking to people who remember the fountain, there were new ideas for the development of the empty space. The task was to create mock-ups of children from recycling materials, which presented their ideas for the fountain, which did not necessarily have to be a classical waterspout. Translating ideas of young designers was the real executive project and was possible thanks to the participation of invited guests - architects and artists.

For the children it was a great opportunity to see how their ideas are feasible.
The new "Fountain not waterspout" stood in the place of the old fountain, which centered backyard life, and was closed because of budgetary savings in the 80's.