uwolnić projekt logotyp

The aim of the project is to develop product design that can be released freely under  Creative Commons license. The project involves cooperation between Polish young generation designers and Polish craftsmen.
The idea not only involves development of neighborly cooperation but reflects key global trends in design, which is the guarantee of success.

All over the world, we could observe a disintegration of the traditional model of producing, consuming and goods distribution. In our present-day reality the client wants to become  a co-creator and co-producer. Time of individual decisions has come. The interactive   participation of end users necessitates the evolution of design management methods  of new products’ development and new customer relations.


Nowadays not the price but the added value is the most important argument when making a consumer choice.
More and more modern consumers care about where and how the product is produced. Concepts such as ecology, transport cost saving, sustainable development are no longer treated as a costly extravagance but they have become a necessity.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and National
Heritage under „Kolberg 2014 - Promesa”,
created by the Institute of Music and Dance.

Organizer: The State Ethnograpghic Museum in Warsaw

Co-Organizer: Association "Based in Warsaw"