Museum of pretty and ugly places

Searching for pretty and ugly places, despite simple challenge, which the title of the project suggested, was to direct child's attention to multiplicity of forms, relativity of aesthetic criteria. Also the idea was to teach acceptance of diversity assessments, as well as ethical and social attitudes in relation to the phenomena encountered.
Through photographs, the children chose their "museum places" and within these places they picked objects which constitute the architecture of large and small moving elements, details, objects, microcosm, such as a lost small object by someone, or a plant that grew in an unusual place. Sometimes it was an intriguing chink in the wall, atmospheric and light phenomena, such as a shadow that arranged interestingly on a building or a cloud that changed an image appearing over into "pretty." The children recorded the fleeting things, giving them a paint or completely abstract character. Also they created the images of people and city life and the children had the opportunity to do a portrait photo or reportage photo of the events that just took place in that time.

The pictures were used to create the first open-air museum in Warsaw that its opening was on Children's Day, 1st of June, 2011